5 Things You Need to Know Before Committing to Cosmetic Surgery with Dr Mohebali


5 Things You Need to Know Before Committing to Cosmetic Surgery with Dr Mohebali

 As you know, here in Marin County, cosmetic surgery and minor cosmetic procedures are as popular as ever these days. Whether it’s facelifts, tummy tucks, or Botox, there are procedures to fit any type of man or woman, and pretty much any adult age. Before you commit to getting a procedure, however, you’re bound to have lots of questions. Here are 5 things we think you need to know, and should consider, before committing to any of our procedures. And remember, if you have questions or concerns; please give us a call for a free consultation.


  1. Cosmetic surgery is safer than ever. According to medical data, over the past two decades, cosmetic surgeries have reduced incidents to extremely low numbers. Implants are safer, injections are safer, and the techniques used in all of our cosmetic procedures have been fine tuned to minimize or eliminate risk of infections, ruptures, or skin damage.


  1. Most procedures are non-invasive. Fear of scarring, or visible adjustments in your body due to cosmetic procedures is common amongst many people here in Marin County. We understand this, which is why we use state-of-the-art techniques to minimize invasive actions, and visible scars, even during the recovery process. Our incisions are subtle, targeted, and done specifically to leave as little of a mark, and create as little discomfort as possible before, during, and after your procedure.


  1. We can pinpoint problem areas with phenomenal precision. You don’t need to have a large-scale operation to have a successful cosmetic procedure. Technology now allows us to address very small areas to work with, correcting specific problems without affecting the rest of the body or surrounding area. You can choose to have a small procedure that will have results you never imagined possible for such a specific and targeted area.


  1. Our surgeon in one of Marin County’s best.  Dr. Mohebali is well accomplished as a cosmetic surgeon, and is an integral part of Marin County, and the Bay Area’s medical community. Dr. Mohebali serves as both the Chief of the Department of Surgery and the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Marin General Hospital. He has been voted by his peers as (415)TopDoctors for the past 6 years.


  1. We walk you through each step, before, during, and after surgery. Every doctor understands that when it comes to cosmetic procedures, it’s never “one size fits all.” This is why we take the time to walk you through each step of the process, as you go through it. We will consult with you thoroughly before any procedure is agreed to, and customize your program to fit you, and your needs. After all, it’s your body; you should have a say in how you want it to look.

To learn more about our cosmetic surgery, Marin County services, contact us today, and we’d be happy to schedule an initial consultation.



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