New spring with non-invasive injections


Spring is here! Celebrate with a non-invasive injection

Spring is a time of renewal, a time for a fresh start, and a time where we all try to look and feel our best. In theory, you should want to look and feel great all year long, however, springtime just has this sort of magic to it when it comes to our energy, and how we look at life. Let’s take advantage of the season to make some positive changes, and step out with a renewed energy that will last for seasons to come. There are many ways to do this, and revitalize yourself for spring. One that we highly recommend is to book a session for non-invasive injections. It takes mere minutes, and you can rejuvenate your look (and mood) without any stress, or recovery time.

Non-invasive injections that are offered here at Mohebali Plastic Surgery

Here in our Marin County offices, we offer many types of non-invasive injections for your face. The first, and most popular choice is Botox. A Botox injection is painless, and can be done on your lunch break, without incisions, invasive surgery, or any of the normal procedural recovery time associated with cosmetic surgery. Botox is widely popular, both here in Marin and Santa Rosa County, as well as all over the world, because of its effectiveness and simplicity. A Botox shot can tighten and lift your skin almost immediately while eliminating wrinkles, bringing life back to your face after a cold winter, and shaving years off your look. It’s great for any age, and can be scheduled regularly, to keep your look and feel fresh all year long.

Other highly popular non-invasive injection are facial fillers. Injectable fillers, like Juvéderm Injectable Gel, Voluma, and Radiasse, are FDA-approved substances that are easily injected into the skin on your face. They fill and smooth out your skin by using hyaluronic acid to pull your skin tighter, while adding volume to the targeted desired areas. This is particularly popular for people who want fuller and more defined lips, or more filled out, yet defined cheeks and under eye area. These injections are extremely safe, and there is no recovery time or incisions, making it an easy procedure to have done on the fly, and discreetly

Our goal is to make you feel great, and work with you to get the best results possible

Don’t hesitate! Give us a call this spring, and let us help you turn a new leaf when it comes to looking and feeling great this year. We pride ourselves by serving our community with many years of local experience, and have the track record to prove it. Our non-invasive injection procedures are designed to give every man and woman the confidence and comfort they need, with both safety and discretion at the forefront of what we do. To learn more about how we can help you with injectables, contact us today!


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