Breast Augmentation-More than just size


Your Breast is Best: Why breast augmentations are about so much more than size



When we think of the term “breast augmentation” here in Marin County, we often have a certain image that pops into mind. Whether it’s positive or negative, the stereotypes around breast augmentation tend to be all about size. In fact, most people think that getting a breast lift or breast augmentation is only about making your breasts bigger. The truth is, however, that breast augmentations are for way more than just increasing your bust size, and here in our Marin County office, we see all types of patients with a variety of reasons for choosing our breast augmentation services.


Giving you natural looking, and feeling breasts that fit YOUR body


As a woman, you know that no two breasts are alike. In fact, no two bodies are alike, and each person has their own unique shape and size. With cosmetic surgery services covering all of San Rafael, Novato, Mill Valley, Sausalito, and all of Marin County and the Bay Area, we have seen it all. We know that much like a woman’s body, no two surgical procedures are performed equally. We tailor each procedure to your specific needs, and breast augmentation is a great example of this. After a thorough examination and consultation, we find the best size and fit for your breast augmentation procedure, and make sure you get what YOU want. We can make your breasts look and feel younger by reshaping them, tightening the muscle tissue and skin around them, and yes, make them bigger as well.


Lots of procedures to choose from give you options that go above and beyond increasing your breast size


We offer a variety of procedures to help shape, lift, and improve your breasts and surrounding area. With the latest in procedural technique and technology, you can do a lot with breasts that go way beyond augmenting their size. Here at our Santa Rosa, Marin County offices, we provide a variety of these types of services, and can customize each one to suit your individual need. Here are some examples of what we do:


-Breast Augmentation


-Breast Lift


-Breast Reduction


-Breast Implant Removal


-Fat Grafting to Breast


-Male Breast Reduction


-Breast Implant Revision

Breast augmentations are safer than ever, and more common than you think


Another concern women here in Marin County may have is that breast augmentation and breast lift procedures are not 100% safe. This is understandable, and we believe that safety is our top priority with every procedure we do. Breast augmentation procedures, and newer, modern implants are remarkably safe and reliable. So much so, in fact, that it’s increasing the number of breast augmentation procedures performed in nearly every state in the US. Breast augmentation procedures are often so subtle; you’ll hardly know that they were operated on. After all, it’s not just about size; it’s about looking good, and feeling great. And these are two things we guarantee with every procedure


For more info on our breast augmentation procedures, and much more we can do about your breasts and surrounding area, contact us today.


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