Breast Implant Revision: Get proactive about implant upkeep!


Breast Implant Revision: Get proactive about implant upkeep!

If you have breast implants, its been a few years, or your breasts just don’t feel quite right, it’s time to schedule your breast implant revision. This can be something to easily put off, or look over, or even not notice the importance of. That’s not a good practice, and in some cases can lead to more serious medical issues, or costly damage to your breasts and the implant itself. Like any big investment, especially one that involves your body and your health, you need to be vigilant about making sure everything is working as it should. Your breast implants are no different.

Reasons why you should get a semi-regular breast implant revision

Let’s start with the health implications. Sometimes, over long periods of time, breast implants can change shape, rupture, form scar tissue or leak saline/silicone. All of these can lead to certain health problems and discomfort, and all can be fixed if caught before they become serious.

You may also notice stretching of the skin due to weight loss or weight gain that can be aesthetically displeasing and uncomfortable. Not something you want from a procedure meant to boost aesthetics and add comfort and confidence!  There can also be a natural shift in your implants’ position over the years, breaking the symmetry of your previous procedure, which will also lead to the above conclusion. Thankfully, all of this can be corrected and adjusted with a breast implant revision procedure. We look at all of these factors with you before making a commitment to operate, and strive to find the best fit for you and your body.

Don’t panic! This completely normal

It sounds like a lot to worry yourself over, but it really isn’t. Getting a breast implant revision is more about body maintenance and prevention than anything. Taking care of your implants on a regular basis, and having an expert surgeon address any issue that comes up will keep you feeling (and looking) as good as you did the first time you finished recovery for your initial operation. Serious issues with breast implants are rare when they are regularly revised and treated. Whether it’s just a little sag or separation, or a need for more saline or silicone, a revision will get you covered and looking great in no time. It’s just a matter of remembering the importance of doing it every few years, and taking the time to examine your breasts to evaluate your need on a regular basis.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact Dr. Mohebali’s office now to get yours checked out. We will take a thorough look at your previous implants and surgeries, and give you an honest opinion of how we can improve/enhance them to fit your body’s needs. Contact us now online, or give us a call to find out more!


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