Breast reduction surgery can be life-changing


Breast Reductions: Why bigger isn’t always better

 When you think of cosmetic surgery and breasts, it’s natural to first associate the terms with breast augmentation and not breast reduction. Breast augmentation is highly popular these days, both in Marin County and all around the world. For women with smaller breasts, augmenting the size a critical step in a positive physical transformation. However, if your natural breasts are too big, the results are often the same (if not worse). Very large, natural breasts can be both a physical hindrance as well as an aesthetic one. We don’t choose what types of breasts we have, so much like those of us with small breasts, large breasts can be simply a matter of genetics. It can also be a result of extreme weigh gain, or a hormonal imbalance.

What are some of the disadvantages of having much larger, natural breasts?

Regardless of why you feel uncomfortable with larger breasts, there’s no “bad” reason for wanting to get them reduced. Large breasts can be uncomfortable in clothing, especially certain types of bras. Large breasts can inhibit mobility, making it tough to exercise or do a number of physical tasks. Large breasts can cause severe back or neck pain over time, and may even lead to back surgery when at an advanced age. Also, when aging, you’ll find that large breasts sag faster and more uncomfortably than smaller ones, which can be a major hindrance when it comes to day to day comfort. More importantly, you may not feel confident or comfortable with your larger, natural breasts, and we aim to help.

Getting a breast reduction is all about taking away the physical pain and stress, and giving you back your confidence! It is literally and figuratively a load off your shoulders. It will relieve you not only of physical pain but allow you to wear clothes you would have never been able to prior to surgery.  It’s just one part in a larger set of direct actions we can take to improve our body, and our self confidence.

How we perform our Breast Reduction procedure

We begin our procedure by making a lollipop, or anchor-shaped incision (depending on your breasts) that goes from the nipple to the under curve of the breast. This ensures minimal visible scaring, and a strategic positioning for maximum comfort and aesthetics. Once the excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin is removed, we then reshape the breast proportionally, along with relocating the nipple. In certain cases, liposuction may be required, which is something we can perform here in our Marin County practice. With liposuction, we can also remove excess fat in the arm and chest region to help fit the breast reduction procedure and create symmetry that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The surgery has a relatively easy recovery and can be down as an outpatient.

Don’t delay. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mohebali so we can go over your needs, concerns, and tell you all about what you’ll go through when undergoing and recovering from breast reduction surgery. To learn more about our Marin County breast reduction procedures in the meantime, who we are, and what we can do for you, contact us today!


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