Breast Implant Revision: Get proactive about implant upkeep!


Breast Implant Revision: Get proactive about implant upkeep! If you have breast implants, its been a few years, or your breasts just don’t feel quite right, it’s time to schedule your breast implant revision. This can be something to easily put off, or look over, or even not notice the importance of. That’s not a […]

Blepharoplasty: 10 years younger


All Eyes on YOU: How Blepharoplasty can take 10 years off  Have you been looking for an effective change that will make you look and feel younger? Feeling and looking younger is something all of us tend to desire as we age, and no place seems to make a bigger first impact than your eyes. […]

5 Ways Why a Mommy Makeover Is Right For You


Mommy makeover with Dr. Mohebali in Marin County & Santa Rosa is a combination of breast and body surgery to restore women back to their pre-pregnancy body. It helps regain not only your body but your confidence. 1. Breast Reshaping/Reduction: Of all the physical effects on your body post-pregnancy, losing the perkiness and ideal shape […]

Ready for Rhinoplasty? We can help!


Have you heard of rhinoplasty before? While it may seem to have a technical name to the average person, we’re sure you’re familiar with its more colloquial name, a “nose job.” While neither name is particularly sexy, per se, this is a great, popular procedure that can help you immensely with a number of solutions […]

5 Reasons Breast Augmentations are Better Than Ever


If you’re like millions of other women in the United States, at one point or another, you’ve considered a breast augmentation. Breast augmentations have grown extensively in popularity over the past 30+ years, through many different phases of societal acceptance, technique, filler, and style. Despite the normal ebbs and flows, the procedures have continually grown […]

Let’s talk about Liposuction!


You’ve heard the term, you generally know what it’s about, and we’re more than certain you have a few friends who have undergone the procedure. Let’s talk about liposuction to set the record straight. Liposuction, which is often referred to as just “lipo,” is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes fat from anywhere in the […]