The Many Benefits of Liposuction with Dr Mohebali


The Many Benefits of Liposuction in Cosmetic Surgery

 When you think of liposuction, more than likely, you think about belly fat removal, a procedure that’s existed for half a century. However, liposuction has evolved over the years, and is currently used in dozens of different types of procedures as a stand-alone, or to compliment them. New technology, and effective new techniques allow for liposuction to remove fat with precision accuracy. This allows Dr. Mohebali to truly sculpt your body the way you want, by using liposuction to remove fat, and shape the tissue to create a perfect fit (and feel) for your body.

Popular ways to use liposuction as an addition to another surgery

With so many unique procedures available at your disposal, you can use liposuction to help enhance parts of your body you never imagined before. And all of this can be done in the same procedure, meaning that you’ll spend less time in surgery, and have great results overall. Some common surgeries where added liposuction is most beneficial are breast augmentation, facelifts, tummy tucks, and breast reduction. Each has a unique benefit when combined with our precision liposuction procedures. You will find that by removing excess fat, your body becomes easier to shape into exactly what you want, with little compromise to your needs.

How does liposuction work?

Essentially, to understand liposuction, you need to understand the nature of how fat builds on your body, and what it’s made from. With our procedures, we can remove certain types of unwanted fat, while maintaining a stable structure and look of the surrounding tissue and operating area. Here’s a basic explanation:

There are two layers of subcutaneous fat: deep and superficial. During a liposuction procedure (also known as lipoplasty or suction lipectomy), the doctor makes a tiny incision and inserts a hollow, stainless-steel tube (called a cannula) into the deep fat layer. Working on this layer is safer than working on the superficial layer, because there is less risk of injuring the skin. In a typical procedure, the doctor pushes and pulls the tube through the fat layer (a new technique, power liposuction, automates the movement). As the cannula moves, it breaks up fat cells, and a vacuum pump or syringe removes the fat with suction.

 Why choosing Dr. Mohebali is a great decision when looking for a safe, reliable, and recommended liposuction procedure, for any part of your body.

We are proud to be a part of our greater Marin County community and offer world-class service with some of the best and most professional staff available. We make sure to have a thorough consultation with you before committing to a procedure, and work with you step-by-step to plan your surgery and get the results you want. We have a lot of great referrals, and years of experience with our many satisfied clients in Santa Rosa, San Rafael, Sausalito, Mill Valley, and all over the Bay Area. To find out more about how we can help you with liposuction, contact us today, and come in for your first comprehensive consultation.





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