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“Mommy Makeover”: How we can give new Moms a new look and energy that will make them feel great again

 If you live here in Santa Rosa, Marin County, and the whole Bay Area in general, you may have heard of a “Mommy Makeover.” As a new Mom, or any Mom for that matter, you know about how much your body changes both during and after pregnancy. Your skin hangs a bit different, your muscle tissue becomes weaker, and your body starts to look and feel exhausted. We at Mohebali Plastic Surgery understand that being a Mom is one of the toughest jobs on earth, and the amount of time you put into being a good one can be costly on you look, and your energy. This is why we offer something we like to call the “Mommy Makeover.”

What exactly is a “Mommy Makeover” and how will it help me look and feel great?

A “Mommy Makeover” is a series of procedures that we have prepared specifically with the mother (and her unique body) in mind. Whether you’re a new Mom in Santa Rosa, San Rafael, Novato, Sausalito, Mill Valley, or San Francisco, you know that the physical effect of being a new Mom is multifaceted. Your whole body changes in unique ways, meaning that you need procedures that will specifically address this. In our “Mommy Makeover” procedures, we offer breast reductions, tummy tucks, targeted liposuction, and face lifts, all strategically done in sync with each other to create a new look, and new you.

Get rid of the post-pregnancy sag, and give your look a healthy, vital boost

Immediately after pregnancy, you can start to see and feel how your body’s changed. This is a magical time in a woman’s life, when they give birth to new life, and a long future of raising their child or children. It’s also, however, a time where many women can fall into depression and low self-esteem about their bodies. Your skin naturally sags after pregnancy, and that may leave you feeling a bit down, and even worn out. With a healthy diet, regular exercise, and serious commitment, you can naturally reverse much of this effect. Unfortunately, new Moms don’t have a lot of time, and even the ones that do may not see their body spring back to its original state pre-pregnancy.

With our “Mommy Makeover”, you can truly get your body back to where it was before your pregnancy. In fact, you can even improve it. With the right combinations of our time-tested procedures, you can tighten up your body to not only look great, but feel great too. This is especially the case if you partner your “Mommy Makeover” with a healthy post-pregnancy routine, and dedicated wellness habits.

To learn more about our “Mommy Makeover” and how we can help you get back on track and looking/feeling young again, contact us today.


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