Plastic surgical recovery


Recovering from surgery doesn’t need to be a pain!

Having a cosmetic surgery procedure is an event. It’s a process that requires planning, trust, skilled technique, and last but not least, recovery. The recovery period is a part of most surgical procedures and can vary in time depending on what was performed. Recovering from physical surgery is all about self-care and allowing your body to adjust to new changes. What it doesn’t have to be about, however, is pain. Here are some tips on how to recover efficiently, with as little pain and discomfort as possible, to become the best you.

Prepare your body pre-surgery

Funny enough, one of the best ways to prepare for recovery AFTER your surgery is to treat your body well BEFORE your surgery. You can do this by eating healthy, exercising, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding things like alcohol, tobacco, and other vices for a few weeks before going in for your procedure. Once your procedure is done and it’s time to start the recovery process, you’ll notice less pain, more comfort, and a shorter overall recovery time.

Don’t push yourself

For each procedure that we perform, we give you a general estimate of how long the recovery period is going to be. This is to help you plan. That being said, it’s far more important that you let your body heal naturally in the way it has to, and that means not rushing things. Let yourself heal well. Don’t try to be too active during recovery. Don’t try to get back to 100% too soon. Listen to your body, and take the time you have to rest, hydrate, stretch, and relax in a way that will benefit you in both the short and long-run. You deserve it!

Eat well

We can’t stress enough the importance of good nutrition before, during, and after your surgery, and in the recovery period, it’s critical. Your body is going through changes, and most likely requires more natural energy that it normally would. Feed yourself with high-energy, healthy food, and help your body do the work it needs to get you there. It’s also very important to stay hydrated. Keep your food and fluids healthy, whole, and nourished as often as possible.

Don’t go it alone!

Aside from the physical aspects of recovery, there is also a mental toll that many people may feel as they go through the process. This is perfectly normal! There are millions of people who experience the same thing, and it’s all part of going through such a big, positive change. If you’re feeling stress, are depression, or you just feel frustrated with the whole thing, don’t freak out. You don’t have to go it alone. There are plenty of post-surgery support groups online, in person in local communities, and (believe it or not) through family and friends. You just have to ask! Also, feel free to contact us post-surgery with any concerns you may have, or to talk about what you’re going through. We’d be happy to help/listen.



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