Recovering from cosmetic surgery


Cosmetic Surgery: How to make the most of your recovery

 If you’ve had a cosmetic surgery procedure before, or know someone who has, you know that the final progression of every operation is the recovery period. Depending on the procedure you undergo, this can take between a small number of days to few weeks. In fact, for some in office cosmetic procedures, recovery can be just a matter of hours. A common inquiry from our patients often concerns the time and sensation of the recovery process. Although recovery can vary for each individual, in general, recovery is a relatively painless, low stress process.

Recovering from plastic surgery doesn’t have to impede you, and is an important final step in getting the perfect results from your procedure. Here are some simple steps you can take to get the best out of your recovery, and make sure you feel (and look) great afterwards.

Make sure you’re as healthy as possible going into surgery. One of the big factors in improving the comfort and time of your recovery period is to be in good health. Your body goes through a number of changes during (and after) a surgical procedure, so it makes sense that when your body’s healthier, it recovers faster. Important factors that influence your experience are sleep, exercise and paying closer attention to the quality of foods and beverages you consume. If you implement these modifications in the few months or weeks before the actual procedure, you’ll notice a big difference in recovery and your body will thank you for it.

Take care of loose ends. If you’ve got pending projects at work, complete them or delegate assignments before your procedure. If you’re planning on attending events, traveling, or doing any physical chores, try to get as much done as possible before entering recovery. Your body needs to rest to recover, and healing is much more efficient when you put yourself through as little stress as possible. This applies for both mental and physical stress, so keep your schedule light when recharging your body after surgery.

Avoid products and medicines that can enhance bleeding. Over the counter medicines like aspirin, Vitamin E, Motrin, and many herbal supplements can affect your blood, which may cause unnecessary complications during, and after surgery. You should ask your doctor which products, foods, and household items can contribute to this, and withhold consumption for two weeks prior to surgery, plus the first few weeks of your recovery period.

Keep a positive mental attitude. Going through a plastic surgery, no matter how big the procedure is an important decision. You are going through a transformation and the results are always worth it if you stay positive. The recovery process can lower your energy level sometimes leaving you feeling weak, or a bit off, due to limited physical mobility and possible small aches and tenderness. If you keep your attitude positive and look at the long term results, you’ll find that the whole process becomes much easier and less uncomfortable. Much like going to the gym, or studying for a big exam, the preparation you invest in before your cosmetic surgery will have a direct positive result on the ease of your recovery and our practice is committed to being there with you each step of the way to help you achieve the best results possible.

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