Liposuction Marin County

Getting rid of excess fat around the stomach, and all over the body, can be a real challenge. This is why for liposuction Marin County is a great place with many options to suit your needs. In our Marin County practice, we see a lot of men and women who struggle with getting rid of extra fat, and want a solution that’s both safe, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Our liposuction services are done with the latest techniques and technologies, and we will work with you meticulously to get the results you want, in the best way possible. The procedure is simple with minimal scarring, and can be applied to your stomach, arms, legs, face, and backside.

For many of you here in Santa Rosa, San Rafael, Sausalito, and all over Marin County, you may be skeptical about liposuction, as there is a lot of misinformation out there. That’s ok, and we understand your concern. These days, modern liposuction is a simple, safe, and very advanced as far as the process and the results. Liposuction now involves less pain and fewer complication including bleeding. We perform liposuction is a very safe method to minimize your chance for a complication.

What we can do with liposuction

Another benefit to the modern liposuction technique we practice in our Marin County practice is that we can treat more areas, better. The ideal patient should be in relatively good health, have good skin quality, and use this procedure to augment further weight loss. Liposuction is best used to deal with stubborn areas of fat that persist despite our best efforts. Remember, you can still build fat again if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle, however with our advanced liposuction procedures, we can take significant fat away and help you reach your goals safely, and quickly.

Liposuction procedures can help remove fat from the following:

Our liposuction procedures can be added as part of other surgeries when needed, or be performed alone, depending on what your body needs, and the results you are looking for. Some common surgeries where added liposuction is most beneficial are breast augmentation, facelifts, tummy tucks, and breast reduction. This procedure is performed by making small incisions on the target area, and then inserting a small tube, or cannula in to suck out the excess fat. The scarring is very minimal, and hardly visible. The recovery period is just a few days, and you may experience mild swelling until this recovery is complete. Final results can take time to shape out and compression garments are necessarily in the early healing period.

Why choose our Santa Rosa Marin County practice?

We are proud to be a part of our greater Marin County community and offer world-class service with some of the best and most professional staff available. We make sure to have a thorough consultation with you before committing to a procedure, and work with you step-by-step to plan your surgery and get the results you want. We want to make sure that liposuction provides the results you want and will show you what area are ideal.  We have a lot of great referrals, and years of experience with our many satisfied clients in Marin, San Rosa, San Francisco, and all over the Bay Area. To find out more about how we can help you with liposuction, contact us today, and come in for your first comprehensive consultation.

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