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Breast Augmentation – Marin County

Breast Augmentation is one of the most frequently performed surgical procedures here in Marin County, and all over the United States. There are many reasons why women choose this type of procedure, and at our practice, we want to work with to find the ideal look you desire and get the results that you want.

Breast augmentation can be done for both medical, or aesthetic reasons, and is a procedure we offer to women of all ages and body types. We can also combine a breast augmentation procedure with other similar procedures such as a breast lift (reposition the nipple, remove excess skin) or fat grafting (add extra cleavage or upper pole fullness), to further enhance the shape and volume, and make sure you’re getting the best results that are tailor made for you. With years of experience in the local area, we feel that our breast augmentation Marin County services are second to none. We use the latest procedures and implant technology to ensure you are getting the best, and safest service available, in Marin County, Santa Rosa, and beyond.

We use the latest and newest breast implants including a large selection of cohesive and optimal filled silicone implant commonly referred to as “gummy bear” implants. Anatomically shaped implants are also available, which can provide patients with a more natural appearance..  Also newer round implants with newer generation of silicone material to give a fuller and more youthful look without sacrificing softness.

The procedure lasts only one hour and is typically performed with general anesthesia. After breast augmentation surgery the patients not only get a larger breast size, but improvement to the shape and location of the breast itself.

Breast Augmentation Procedures

When we perform the breast augmentation, me make our incisions inconspicuously on the breast in order to reduce or remove scar visibility entirely, and improve the overall aesthetic look. Our incisions are usually done in the natural fold underneath the breast, or through the dark part of the nipple (areola),  resulting in a hidden scar, if noticeable at all.

The next step in the procedure is to create a pocket by lifting the breast, and usually inserting the implant behind the muscles of the chest wall. Implants can be positioned either under the muscle, on top of the muscle, or a combination called dual plane.  The technique is tailored to the patient’s anatomy and desires.  As far as comfort and aesthetics go, our breast augmentation is cutting edge, and unmatched in Marin County.  With precise surgical technique, use of no-touch technique implant funnels, and long lasting local anesthetics, patient have rapid recovery and back to function within a day or two.

Breast Augmentation – Breast Lift

Another great service we offer as part of our breast augmentation procedures in Marin County are breast lifts. While breast lifts are different than a standard breast augmentation, the two procedures work great together, and give women an extra option to enhance the aesthetics and feel of their post-op breasts. A breast lift, otherwise known as a “mastopexy”, can make you look years younger by rejuvenating the shape and tightening the skin’s natural elasticity. We also use this procedure to reduce areola size, which may have grown due to age and gravity.

To learn more about our breast augmentation Marin County and Santa Rosa services, contact us today, and we’d be happy to schedule an initial consultation.

Breast Augmentation Questions and Answers

Breast augmentation is the addition of a breast implant to enhance the appearance of your breasts. It is an outpatient surgery performed through a small (1.5 inch) incision (usually hidden in the lower breast fold). A breast implant is placed either under or over the muscle to add volume to your breasts and to enhance the shape.

There are a wide variety of implants choices available to women. All are made of a silicone shell filled with either saline or silicone gel. Silicone implants are the most popular type of implant used in the United States. Newer silicone implants include more cohesive implants (“gummy bear”), shaped (“tear drop”), or optimal filled implants. Each provide a unique advantage and provide different cosmetic looks that can be matched to each individual.

Breast augmentation is an outpatient surgery that takes just a little more than 1 hour. Rapid recovery technique allows patients to recover with minimal pain with quick return to work in a few days. Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting can resume after 4-6 weeks.

Fat grafting (an autologous fat transfer) is an implant free option to try. Breast fat transfers will enhance the appearance of your breasts. This method proves a natural way to add volume to breasts. The procedure involves removing fat tissue from another part of the body and placed in the breast. It is best utilized to achieve a small augmentation of about a half to one cup increase in your breast size.

The FDA has approved a variety of breast implants to be used in the United States. They have undergone extensive testing to “demonstrate reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness”. Breast implants are not lifelong devices. Additional surgery in the future may be required. Other risks include implant rupture, capsular contracture, systemic symptoms such as Breast Implant Illness (BII), or BIA-ALCL (with textured implants). Always discuss all of these with your surgeon at time of consultation.

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Dr. Mohebali performs most of his cosmetic surgeries at the Pacific Surgery Center which is the ambulatory surgery facility located adjacent to the office. The facility has attained the highest accreditation by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (Quad A) and is staffed by Board Certified Anesthesiologists who specialize in outpatient anesthesia for Plastic Surgery procedures.

Dr. Mohebali also has privileges to perform both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries at:

  • Marin General Hospital
  • Marin General Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Marin Specialty Surgical Center (MSSC)
  • Sutter Santa Rosa Medical Center

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