Breast Implant Revision

Breast Implant Revision Marin County

Breast implants and augmentation procedures have been popular in the US, including here in Marin County and Santa Rosa, for almost 30 years. This means that a lot of women have had previous procedures that now may need a revision.  

This is why it’s important to regularly check your breasts, and specifically, have a specialist do a breast implant revision if needed. It’s a common procedure, and when left in the right hands, can add a youthful look and feel to your original breast augmentation, as well as prevent future health risks.

When it comes to breast implant revision, Marin County, Santa Rosa, and the surrounding area has a number of options to choose from. This is why we make sure to offer the most up-to-date technology, and comprehensive consultations and assessments before we perform our breast implant revision procedures.  We perform both simple and complex revisions that many other practices will not or are not capable of performing.  We will take a thorough look at your previous implants and surgeries, and give you an honest opinion of how we can improve/enhance them to fit your body’s needs. We approach breast revision surgeries in a very personalized way to offer you the best options and plan to achieve your goals.  Our breast implant revision procedures are safe, and we can perform them conveniently right here in the Marin County or Santa Rosa area.

Reasons Why You May Need Breast Implant Revision

There are many potential reasons why you may need breast implant revision, which is why it’s important to get examined regularly. Some of these reasons include saline deflation, silicon shell leaks, implant malposition or “bottoming out”, and capsular contracture around the area of your previous surgery. You may also have stretching of the skin due to weight loss or weight gain and gravity that can be corrected and adjusted with a breast implant revision procedure.  Your native breast tissue can also change with time and having an implant, leading for a need for breast lift or reduction.

There can also be a natural shift in your implants’ position over the years, breaking the symmetry of your previous procedure. We look at all of these factors with you before making a commitment to operate, and strive to find the best fit for you and your body.

Revision surgeries can including any combination of the following procedures to the breast implant or pocket:  implant exchange, implant removal, removal of part or all of your breast capsule, implant pocket change, re-enforcement and revision of the implant pocket using surgical scaffold or dermal matrix.  In many circumstances, additional procedures like breast lift or fat grafting will be needed to adjust the tissue along with the breast implant.  We specialize in breast and breast implant revision surgeries that address all your potential needs.

Replacing Old Implants

At our practice here in Marin County, we not only perform breast implant revision, but also breast implant replacement. Many times, older breast implants are simply out of date as far as medical technology and safety. We are very aware of this need, and the need to make sure you have safe and aesthetically pleasing implants. Breast implants are not made to last forever and most implants need to be replaced on average after 15 years.  We can perform the breast implant replacement procedure as part of your breast implant revision, if necessary, and give you the latest medical technology to ensure a long shelf life, and good aesthetics for your new implants. Recovery times for these procedures may vary, but typically last anywhere from 2-6 weeks, depending on the person and circumstances. We would be happy to schedule a consultation to go over your options, and discuss this further.

To learn more about how we can help with your breast implant revision, or breast implant replacement, please contact us today. We are located in Marin County, and serve Santa Rosa, San Rafael, Sausalito, Mill Valley, as well as all over the bay area.