Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction in Marin County

For many women in Marin County & Santa Rosa, breast reduction is the only option when faced with the challenges of having large breasts. Having large breasts can sometimes be a burden, both aesthetically and health-wise. Large breasts can be uncomfortable, and also cause bad posture, backaches, breathing problems, and damage to the spine over time. And while these issues may not seem prevalent now, there can be unforeseen long-term damage, if you don’t monitor your health and look for symptoms. 

This procedure is figuratively and literally a load off of your chest and shoulder. A breast reduction is always combined with a breast lift to give you smaller but higher breasts. In our Marin County practice, we see this a lot, and understand the need for quality, safe, and aesthetically pleasing breast reduction surgeries.

Our procedures are done with the latest techniques and technology, and can be done quickly, efficiently, and in a comfortable setting right here in Marin.


For a breast reduction in our Marin County practice, we must first meet and consult with you to find out the best procedure for your body and desired results. As this procedure is popular in Santa Rosa, and all over Marin County, we have a long track record of success, and very satisfied patients. Women from Santa Rosa, Sausalito, San Rafael, and even San Francisco can attest to our attention to detail and professional breast reduction services.

Our breast reduction procedure typically lasts two to three hours, with minimal recovery time after the operation. What we do is remove some of the glandular breast tissue and fat, then tighten the skin to match the new, reduced shape of the breast. Our goal is to reduce the breast to a size that is more comfortable and more proportionate to your body, as well as giving the new breasts a youthful appearance with repositioning of the remaining breast in higher position.  You will be left both feeling and looking better.

Our Breast Reduction Procedure

We begin our procedure by making a lollipop, or anchor-shaped incision that goes from the nipple to the under curve of the breast. This ensures minimal visible scaring, and a strategic positioning for maximum comfort and aesthetics. Once the excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin is removed, we then reshape the breast proportionally, along with relocating the nipple. In certain cases, liposuction may be required, which is something we can perform here in our Marin County practice. With liposuction, we can also remove excess fat in the arm and chest region to help fit the breast reduction procedure and create symmetry that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Breast Reduction Recovery, Marin County

One of the biggest concerns we see with our patients in Santa Rosa and Marin County is the time of recovery from a breast reduction procedure. We understand this concern, and work with the latest in recovery practices and procedures, to make sure you’re back to 100% as soon as possible. After our breast reduction surgery, we bind your breasts with a surgical bra to hold the shape. There also may be some excess fluid, which is normal, and your body with reabsorb it over time. We no longer routinely use surgical drains for this procedure which helps make the patient more comfortable.

We typically use stitches that dissolve over time and we advise to keep a surgical support bra in place for about 6 weeks afterwards. In total, we recommend taking off 2-4 weeks from work or strenuous activity after the procedure, and recommend you avoid heavy lifting for up to 6 weeks.

To learn more about our Marin County breast reduction procedures, and what we can do for you, contact us  today.

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