En Bloc Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal, Marin County

Breast implants in Marin County & Santa Rosa has been popular for many years now. Many women have used breast augmentation to help build self-esteem, add a youthful look to their figure, or replace breast tissue lost due to medical reasons. Whatever the reason is, breast implants have been a stable part of our culture for over 30 years now. But sometimes breast implants need to be removed. 

This is actually a more common procedure than you may think. Either due to mechanical issues related to the breast implant, capsular contracture, or an association with medical issues (e.g Breast Implant Illness), en bloc capsulectomies and implant removal is necessary.

Here at our Marin County practice, we not only offer breast implant revision, but also breast implant removal procedures. We do a thorough consultation to learn your symptoms and issues and will find the best solution to fit your body, and your needs.


Each body is different, and needs to be addressed individually to get the best results possible. Here in our Marin County practice, including Santa Rosa and the surrounding area, we use innovative breast implant removal techniques including En Bloc removal. We can lift the natural breast tissue you already have at the same time or simply remove the old implants and adjust your breasts’ natural shape to one that’s both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. We can combine a number of different procedures including breast lift and/or fat grafting to go along with your breast implant removal, which we will discuss during your initial consultations.

Reasons Why You May Need Breast Implant Removal

Due to the popularity of breast implants over the past 30 years, in Marin County and elsewhere, there are many women who have had the procedure. Many women see a change in shape and elasticity of the breast over time, even after a breast augmentation, and may want to remove their old implants. There also may be a medical reason for having a breast implant removal done including having associated symptoms or capsular contracture or other medical conditions. Older implants have a higher possibility of leakage, specifically through rupture of the silicone shell. And while newer implants typically last longer, ultimately no implant is made to last forever.  If an older implant is misshaped, or leaking in any way, this may cause a health threat, not to mention physical discomfort, and bad aesthetics.

Breast Implant Removal With En Bloc Capsulectomy

When it comes to breast implant removal, there are many ways this can be performed. In our Marin County practice we offer either simple removal, En Bloc removal, or removal followed by breast lift or fat grafting.   En bloc capsulectomy is a procedure which removes the implant and the surrounding reastive tissue (e.g. capsule) all together.  This can ensure that all tissue related to the implant has been removed and no implant material remains.  This can then be followed by a breast lift to remove extra skin that may have developed over time, or fat grafting, which is an alternative way of getting volume without an implant.  This outpatient procedure has a quick recovery allowing women to return to function quickly.

To learn more about our breast implant removal procedures in Santa Rosa, San Rafael, Sausalito, and all over Marin County, contact us today. We would be glad to schedule a consultation and talk more about the best fit for you and your body.

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