Fat Grafting to Breast

Fat Grafting Marin County

In Marin County, Santa Rosa, and many parts of the Bay Area, women are looking for the best in quality breast augmentation procedures. There are many options out there, and with technology rapidly changing, many new ways of performing both advanced and basic surgical procedures. 

At our Marin County practice, we offer a variety of these new, and old techniques, tailored to fit your body’s needs. One of the more popular procedures we offer is fat grafting, or fat transfers to the breast from other parts of your body. This is a very safe, and natural way to enhance your breasts, as well as shaping the rest of your body in the process.


Despite many years of safe and successful tests on silicone implants, many women feel that going with a natural body solution is better for them. We understand this need, and offer the latest in fat grafting procedures in Marin, including Santa Rosa, Mill Valley, Sausalito, and San Rafael. We find unwanted fat from other parts of the body, and move it to the breasts, creating an organic solution known as an autologous fat transfer. This procedure is very safe, and can increase your breasts up to one whole cup size larger. Fat grafting is also often used in combination with other breast surgeries:  combining with implant surgery to give a softer look, adding upper pole fullness to a breast lift, or adding shape and volume at same time of implant removal.

Fat Grafting Procedure

As with all of our procedures, before we do anything, we need to sit down for a thorough consultation here at our offices in Marin. Once we find the best fat grafting solution to fit your needs, we can schedule a surgical appointment, and create a timetable for all the required procedures. Many local women here in Santa Rosa, Mill Valley, Sausalito, and San Rafael, find that fat grafting is a great option, and better fit over traditional implant breast augmentation. Here’s why:

Another added benefit to your fat grafting procedure is that we use the fat from other parts of your body, which can often be unwanted. So, we not only create and shape your new breasts, but also shape and reduce fat elsewhere.

What Type of Body is Ideal for fat Grafting Procedures?

There are many body types that work well with fat grafting procedures, which makes it a great fit for a variety of different types of women. It’s important that each woman is in good health, and has enough body fat to provide for the fat grafting procedure. This doesn’t mean that one needs to have large amounts of body fat, but does require a healthy amount in order to create the new breasts. Depending on the body type, and how the initial surgery goes, additional procedures may need to be performed to complete the process and get the desired results.

The initial process for fat grafting breast augmentation can be done as one or two procedures, both performed on the same day at our practice here in Marin County. For more information on how we can help, contact us today to schedule a consultation, and review of our procedures, to find the best one that fits you.