Facelift / Necklift

Facelifts In Marin County

Time and age can do a number on the youthful vibrance of your face, and when it comes to a facelift Marin County is well known for this type of procedure.

Sun exposure, skin care, and stress can all add to your face’s wrinkles and sagging over the years, and many people, both men and women, want to change this. This is why we offer a comprehensive facelift procedure here in Marin County and Santa Rosa that can make you both look and feel younger. We use the latest techniques and technology to make the procedure as painless and efficient as possible, and if you ask our satisfied patients all over Marin County, they will tell you we are 2nd to none.

If you’re living in Santa Rosa, San Rafael, Sausalito, Mill Valley, and Marin County in general, chances are you know someone who’s had this simple procedure. If you are considering doing it for yourself, there are a few things you should be aware of first. In performing the facelift procedure, we rejuvenate the face and skin by removing excess skin, and tightening the muscles under the skin. This takes years off your look, and has a smooth, aesthetically pleasing appearance. We can perform this procedure for patients of nearly any age, and can combine it with other facial procedures to give you a complete look that YOU want, simply and safely.

How We Perform Our Facelift Procedures

Our facelift procedure can be performed right here at our Marin County facility, and is typically performed using a light general anesthetic. We typically make our incisions starting from the temples, and moving back behind the earlobes to the lower scalp. We then remove any unwanted fat, tighten and adjust the deep muscle tissue layer, and trim extra skin, while being careful to use handle the tissue with care to reduce post-operative pain and swelling. Recovery time is about 2-3 weeks, and we recommend you treat your face gently during the healing process for maximum results.

Neck Lift Procedures

Another popular procedure we offer here at our Marin County practice is the neck lift. Much like our Marin County facelift services, we do this procedure simply and safely, with only the latest techniques and technology. A neck lift is best for those with sagging or extra skin around the neck. This can be caused by drastic weight loss, years of poor skincare, or simply just part of the aging process. With our neck lift procedure, we can tighten the skin around your neck while removing excess skin and fat, to give you a young looking, and young feeling neck again. This procedure works great with a facelift, and the two can be done together to get the maximum results that YOU want for your overall look.

How We Perform Our Neck Lift Procedure

Though it may differ a bit from our Marin County facelift procedure, our neck lift procedure/cervicoplasty works basically under the same principles. We can combine this with a simple liposuction procedure if the neck has excess fat. We then tighten the existing skin and remove excess using a cervicoplasty procedure, making the shape of your neck slimmer and redefining your lines. This neck lift procedure can be performed in about 2 hours, right here at our Marin County facilities.

We pride ourselves on serving our community with many years of local experience and have the track record to prove it. Our Marin County facelift and neck lift procedures are designed to give every woman and man the confidence and comfort they deserve, with safety and discretion at the forefront of what we do. To learn more about how we can help you with either, contact us today!

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