Setting the Record Straight: 5 Cosmetic Surgery Myths Debunked


Setting the Record Straight: 5 Cosmetic Surgery Myths Debunked

When you’re considering cosmetic, or reconstructive surgery here in Marin County, there’s a lot to consider. You need to feel comfortable with your doctor. You need to feel confident in the procedure you choose. You need to know that you’re doing something positive for your body and your mind. And most importantly, you need to feel safe. At our Marin County offices, all of our staff believes in the positive effectiveness of what we do, and it motivates us to constantly improve.


We also understand that there’s a lot of bad info out there when it comes to cosmetic surgery procedures in Marin County. In fact, most of the bad press you hear is based on myths. Here are five common myths you may hear about what we do, and five facts to follow them up with:


  1. Myth: Silicone breast implants are unsafe.


Fact: In the early days of silicone implants, nearly 30 years ago, there were a number of issues that required a massive overhaul of the product, and a thorough examination of long-term safety for women. However, since 2006 a new type of silicone was approved that is both safe, and long lasting, and vetted to the highest standards of the FDA. Our silicone implants are safer than ever, and chances of infection, and problems like ruptures or leakage are as low as ever.


  1. Myth: Botox is dangerous and gives your face an “unnatural look.”


Fact: At our Marin County clinic, we do many Botox injections for all types of patients, and of all ages. Botox is now one of the most popular facial rejuvenation procedures and has millions of ardent supporters. It is FDA approved, and has an extremely low rate of potential side effects. It can make your skin look 10 years younger by naturally tightening your muscles. Your look is still YOU, just with younger looking, tighter skin.


  1. Myth: After liposuction procedures, fat rapidly returns to other parts of your body.


Fact: Keeping your weight off can be a challenge, even after liposuction, but it can be avoided if you make the right choices, and take care of your new body. Our liposuction procedures seamlessly remove excess fat from the body; in areas you need it most. And while this fat can return if you make poor health decisions, it will not return to another part of your body based on any fat removal from another area. In fact, it’s a great way to help get fat OFF other parts of you body, as it will help make it easier to exercise and inspire you to lose more.



  1. Myth: Plastic surgery is only superficial and aesthetic.


Fact: While one of the main goals in cosmetic and other plastic surgery procedures, here at our Santa Rosa, Marin County clinic and elsewhere, is to improve your aesthetic look, it’s not the only benefit we can offer. We offer many procedures that not only make you look better, but also make you FEEL better; both physically and mentally. There are so many different types of procedure available that we can address many different physical issues, and help make you feel great about yourself in the process.


  1. Myth: Go big or go home when it comes to implants.


Fact: There’s a very common myth that if you decide to get breast implants, it means a major increase in bust size. In fact, this myth goes with all types of cosmetic implants. The truth is, we perform augmentation procedures of all shapes and sizes, and very often size isn’t a big factor. We find that most women prefer a perfected shape rather than just large breast implants. This is because when most women seek breast augmentation, they are looking for symmetry and an appropriate size to fit their body. That’s not to say that larger size implants aren’t available. However when we work with you, our patient, at our Santa Rosa, Marin County clinic, we look for the best fit for YOU, regardless of shape and size. And that’s a promise.


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