5 Reasons Breast Augmentations are Better Than Ever


If you’re like millions of other women in the United States, at one point or another, you’ve considered a breast augmentation. Breast augmentations have grown extensively in popularity over the past 30+ years, through many different phases of societal acceptance, technique, filler, and style. Despite the normal ebbs and flows, the procedures have continually grown […]

Fat grafting as an alternative to implants


Thinking of a breast enhancement? Fat grafting may be a better alternative for you  Everyone’s familiar with a traditional breast enhancement or augmentation at this point. It’s one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures, and has been for quite some time now. But did you know that when it comes to enhancing the shape […]

The Top 4 Things You Should Consider About Breast Augmentation


The Top 4 Things You Should Consider About Breast Augmentation  If you’re like the thousands of women (and men) here in Santa Rosa, Marin County, and the Bay Area who have considered breast augmentation surgery, we’re sure you’ve put a lot of thought into it. After all, your breasts are an important part of your […]

Breast Augmentation-More than just size


Your Breast is Best: Why breast augmentations are about so much more than size     When we think of the term “breast augmentation” here in Marin County, we often have a certain image that pops into mind. Whether it’s positive or negative, the stereotypes around breast augmentation tend to be all about size. In […]