5 Ways Why a Mommy Makeover Is Right For You


Mommy makeover with Dr. Mohebali in Marin County & Santa Rosa is a combination of breast and body surgery to restore women back to their pre-pregnancy body. It helps regain not only your body but your confidence. 1. Breast Reshaping/Reduction: Of all the physical effects on your body post-pregnancy, losing the perkiness and ideal shape […]

5 Reasons Breast Augmentations are Better Than Ever


If you’re like millions of other women in the United States, at one point or another, you’ve considered a breast augmentation. Breast augmentations have grown extensively in popularity over the past 30+ years, through many different phases of societal acceptance, technique, filler, and style. Despite the normal ebbs and flows, the procedures have continually grown […]

Get over your fears of plastic surgery


Learning to Get Over Your Fears When it Comes to Surgery Fear is an unavoidable, and natural part of life. It’s something we all have to deal with at certain points, and something we all struggle to get over at certain points as well. This is no different when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Changing […]

It’s Tank-Top Season: Brachioplasty to tighten up those arms!


Tank-top season is here, and if you’re like millions of us here in the Bay Area, that means showing off those arms! Having tight, well-shaped arms and shoulders is a sign of summer, and brings an added boost of health and confidence to the year’s most popular outdoor season. With a steady workout regimen and […]

Breast reduction surgery can be life-changing


Breast Reductions: Why bigger isn’t always better  When you think of cosmetic surgery and breasts, it’s natural to first associate the terms with breast augmentation and not breast reduction. Breast augmentation is highly popular these days, both in Marin County and all around the world. For women with smaller breasts, augmenting the size a critical […]

New spring with non-invasive injections


Spring is here! Celebrate with a non-invasive injection Spring is a time of renewal, a time for a fresh start, and a time where we all try to look and feel our best. In theory, you should want to look and feel great all year long, however, springtime just has this sort of magic to […]