Weight Loss and Cosmetic Surgery with Dr Mohebali


How to help shape your body after weight loss, with cosmetic surgery with Dr Mohebali

 Losing weight is tough, especially if you have a lot of excess weight that has burdened you for many years. Luckily, many overweight people here in Marin County and the Bay Area are now taking action to address this, both naturally and surgically. Whether you lose 20 pounds or 100, your body changes in both how it looks and how it feels. And sometimes, this means a lot of excess skin, and muscle tissue that’s a bit out of place for your new body. Because of this, we offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures to help reshape your body after such a drastic transition. The results can often be seen immediately, and will help aid you in your journey to sculpt and shape a new, healthier you.

Weight loss is a multifaceted process that takes a lot of effort to accomplish, and even more to maintain

Anyone who has lost a lot of weight knows that the process is tough, and takes a lot of effort and willpower. Being highly overweight or obese can have serious health consequences, both mentally and physically. This is why getting the weight off, and keeping it off, is very important for the millions of Americans, both here in Santa Rosa and Marin County, and all over the country. But when you shed the weight, many times, you body still holds some of the excess skin, and fat. This is because drastic weight gain is a radical change to your body’s muscle, skin, and bone structure.

When the weight is off, and you’re back on track with your fitness and health goals, you want to make sure you look your best and feel your best. You want to feel fresh, and have the body to prove it. After all, you earned it, right? This is why for millions of people, electing targeted cosmetic surgery procedures for post-weight loss is a godsend. You can now work with your own body’s needs to push back the damage done by extreme weight gain, and sculpt the new you that you have been working so hard to achieve. Here at Mohebali Plastic Surgery, we can help.

How we can help you, here at Mohebali Plastic Surgery

When looking at potential post weight loss procedures, it’s important to weigh out all of your options. Here in Santa Rosa and Marin County, we understand that you have many options, and strive to give you the best service, and highest quality procedures and techniques. We will examine your body and have a thorough consultation before starting on anything, and walk you through each step of each needed procedure.

Depending on the amount of weight you lost in your initial surgery, we will tailor your procedures to match. The most common procedures are done in the midsection, but we also offer a variety of other post weight loss surgery options, should you need more. Here are a few examples of the most popular post weight loss surgery procedures:



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